CozyWarm Winter Balaclava Hood

Stay Warm while Biking Outdoors!

Shivering while doing winter sports? Chapped lips and dry skin when hanging out with friends outdoors? This CozyWarm Winter Balaclava Hood will warm you up under the shivering cold! 

    Winter hat, scarf, mask, and hood in 1!

    • Design with a removable mask
    • Simply wrap to warm neck, ears, and shoulders!
    • Fully Protect face from snow, wind, dust & UV
    • Tighten and loose adjustable drawstrings by yourself

    High-Quality Thermal Fleece

    • Polyester and Spandex with fleece-lined
    • Wrinkle-free and Breathable fabric
    • Lightweight and Quick drying
    • Perfect for Sensitive skin

    Perfect for Outdoor activities

    • Multinational function
    • Running, Biking, Mountain Climbing, and Motorcycling
    • Keep warm from the cold in Winter

    Enjoy Winter Activities while feeling Warm!

    Shape Your Own Image by having a CozyWarm Winter Balaclava Hood NOW!


    Material: Polyester and Spandex with Fleece

    Colour: Red, Black, Grey, Orange, Pink 

    Weight: 0.25kg

    Size: 55cm X 60cm

    Package Inclusion/s: 1pc. CozyWarm Winter Balaclava Hood



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